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Waste Hierarchy

The options available for effective waste management are often referred to as the waste hierarchy. These options include Eliminate, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Energy Recovery and Disposal.

Firstly identify where waste in the organisation is produced, how much and actual cost.

Then either:-

Eliminate:Best option - look to eliminate waste wherever possible.

Reduce:Look to reduce waste, e.g. look at your purchasing stock levels and shelf-life products etc.

Reuse:Re-use products or materials that would otherwise become waste can provide a range of social, economic and environmental benefits. Re-use within the organisation or use various bodies or websites that enable other organisations to reuse your waste. This is an area where the voluntary and community waste sector has led the way.

Recycle: Segregate waste to be recycled.

Energy Recovery: In this process; the wastes that cannot be recycled are converted into energy such as heat, light and electricity, which helps in saving of natural resources.

Disposal:The least favourite option; previously most companies sent the vast majority of their waste to landfill.

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