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Environmental Due Diligence Audit

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) is the assessment and management of environmental liabilities and risks. Increasingly stringent legislation has seen environmental liability become an important consideration in the overall due diligence conducted around property and corporate transactions.

Eco-Smart Consultancy are able to undertake an EDD Audit to establish whether your business or a business that you are looking to acquire, are compliant with environmental regulations and is safeguarded against environmental accidents such as groundwater and land contamination and also help to identify any potential environmental liabilities.

Being proactive towards your approach at looking after the environment is becoming increasingly more important worldwide. Having an EDD Audit undertaken to identify how your business or a potential acquisition is performing will have long term benefits such as avoiding legal prosecution, improvement in environmental performance which leads to long term capital gain and positive relations with suppliers, clients and the general public.

Involving top Management and having their support to the company's environmental attitude is important and a requirement if you are certified to ISO 14001.

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We Don't Cost the Earth and We Help You to Save It.

Polluter Pays.......Did You Know?

Under current legislation, the 'polluter pays principle' states that

"any producer of pollution will be responsible to pay for its clean up and remediation".

Yes you say, I knew that, but did you know.......

If an organisation purchases, leases or inherits land or premises that is polluted and the previous owner/occupier cannot be found, or the pollution cannot be proven to have been caused by the previous owner/occupier......

"the new owner/occupier inherits the responsibility and costs to clean up and rectify the pollution incident".

As a current owner/occupier of premises/land, having an Environmental Due Diligence Audit undertaken by Eco-Smart Consultancy would demonstrate your approach as being proactive to protecting the environment. It would also be your defence, if required, against prosecution and potentially mitigate the amount of any imposed fines.

As a potential new owner/occupier of premises/land, having an Environmental Due Diligence Audit undertaken by Eco-Smart Consultancy would highlight any current or potential pollution issues before you make a financial commitment.

Why Choose Eco-Smart Consultancy?

highly regarded ISO 14001 Ccnsultant

Highly Regarded

Since being established in April 2009, we have built a reputation that is highly regarded by clients past and present and also by external auditors.

The majority of our clients have used our services for numerous years.

We often identify cost savings for clients, with some achieving astonishing savings.

ISO 14001 Experienced Auditors


We work with clients throughout the whole of the UK, small, medium and large businesses covering a multitude of industry sectors.

As experienced IRCA trained auditors and Associate auditors for a certification body, we are fully confident that the services we offer comply to UKAS (the UK National Accreditation Body) standards.

Bespoke Internal Auditor Training


Our systems are bespoke, easy to use and manage, link to your relevant documents and look professional.

Our training is bespoke to your company , working with your very own systems and documents, on site, to eliminate any confusion when you 'go it alone'. It also generates a better understanding of how your Company ISO management system operates.

Environmental Consultant fixed fees

Fixed Fees

After an initial conversation with you to establish your requirements, we will happily provide a no obligation quotation, which sets out exactly what the scope of work is and the fixed price.

We leave you to decide whether you wish to use some or all of our services. We will not pressurise you.