Waste Minimisation Programme

Simply put, waste costs money and organisations that realise and adopt good environmental practices will benefit from potentially vast savings.

There are many environmental arguments as to why waste should be reduced, however the overriding business reasons in this currentISO 14001 consultant climate, is to save money. Why look at reducing staff levels, when you could simply make savings elsewhere. The rule of thumb figure for waste minimisation adopted by Eco-Smart consultancy is the potential to save 1% of turnover.

As the cost of waste disposal continually rises, then businesses need to reduce the amount of waste they produce.

The waste audit is a key tool in measuring performance against waste plans, strategies, identifying areas of inefficient waste practices and establishing benchmark data.

An environmental consultant would assist your organisation to develop a sustainable and practical waste improvement plan.

There would also be wider environmental benefits such as reduced CO² emissions and less waste to landfill.

Using the well defined concept of the Waste Hierarchy (Eliminate / reduce / reuse / recycle / dispose) they would use their expertise to help reduce your waste costs.

As environmental consultants they can advice on all types of waste disposal including, hazardous, chemical, batteries, clinical, pharmaceutical, general waste and recyclables. With extensive contacts within the sector they are able to offer a complete solution for your waste requirements.

It is the promise of Eco-Smart Consultancy to cut costs and reduce the environmental impact of every business they deal with.