CRC Latest Update 20th October 2010

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The treasury has announced the rules for participants within the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme have now changed. Participating organisations will no longer recieve money back via the league tables and the money raised by purchasing allowances will instead will go to the treasury, these charges however have now been delayed by a year to start in 2012.

As previuosly stated allowances will cost 12 pounds per ton of carbon dioxide to start, and the Treasury said it assumed the cost will rise to 16 pounds a ton starting in the tax year ending in 2014.

This means for large private and public sector organisations the initial cost of CRC will increase dramatically, therfore only way of offsetting these additional costs is to save money via resource efficiency or waste minimisation programmes.

For organisations requiring resource efficeiency or waste minimisation advice TEL:- 01234 273567 or email


Full participant - Any organisation who during the 2008 qualification period had at least one half hourly meter (HHM), settled on the half hourly market and it's 2008 annual electricity supply through all half hourly meters was at least 6000MWh.

Information disclosure - If you received more than 3000 MWh in the 2008 qualification year, you must disclose your total annual supply of half hourly electricity during the period. If you received less than 3000MWh in the 2008 qualification year, then you will need to provide contact details for your organisation and tick the appropriate box on the on-line form.