BS EN 16001 Consultancy

BS EN 16001 is an Energy Management Standard (EnMS) developed to prove an organisations credentials in maintaining and improving energy efficiency and reducing energy waste.

Eco-Smart Consultancy can assist you in developing, implementing and maintaining a bespoke BS EN 16001 (EnMS). Experienced environmental consultants are able to guide organisations through the BS EN 16001 accrediation process. As BS EN 16001 consultants we are able to provide a full range of services such as:-

  • Initial BS EN 16001 gap analysis.
  • Writing an Energy Policy.
  • Development and implementation of an Energy Management System manual.
  • Development and implementation of all EnMS documentation systems.
  • Identification and review ofISO 16001 consultant energy Aspects.
  • Legal obligation register.
  • Setting yearly energy objectives, targets and programmes.
  • Monitor and measurement activities.
  • BS EN 16001 employee induction training.
  • Mangement review.
  • Conduct third party BS EN 16001 audits, including pre-certification audits.
  • Assistance in certification audits.
  • Integration into current ISO 14001 system.

The benefits of BS EN 16001 Accreditation

BS EN 16001 is an internationally recognised standard for an organisation’s Environmental Management System. BS EN 16001 provides a framework for managing and continually improving energy performance, benefits include;

  • Reduce costs by identifying, measuring and managing your energy consumption.
  • Improved performance a framework for managing and continually improving energy performance.
  • Clear demonstration of a companies legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Reduction in GHG emissions.
  • Integration of Management systems.
  • Formalisation of energy policy and embed energy thinking into your organisation.

Any environmental standard should not be cumbersome and restrict the business and it’s natural growth, it should be developed to compliment the business. Eco-Smart consultancy strive to reduce the paperwork and time taken to apply the standard, therefore reducing time and costs. Please Contact Us to discuss your BS EN 16001 requirements.