Environmental Glossary of Terms
What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is a system developed by the International Organisation of Standardisation to which any company around the world can become certified.

The ISO 14001 standard sets out how you put into place an Environmental Management System (EMS), addresses profitability and reducing your companies environmental impacts and specifies a process for controlling / improving a company's environmental performance.

Basically as an organisation the first step is, to write an environmental policy which sets out your company statement and commitment towards the environment. Secondly you need to Identify elements of your business that impact on the environment (Aspects Impacts and Significance register). Thirdly understand any environmental legislation pertinent to your business (legislation register) and lastly produce objectives for improvement and a management program to achieve them (Objectives and Targets register), based upon your Aspects, Impacts and Significance register with regular reviews for continual improvement.

For companies wishing to implement ISO 14001 TEL: 01234 273567

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